As you can see, the pictures are taken at different places, and I'm going to start by telling you about the fortress in Varberg. The fortress was built as early as in the 13th century. During the 16th and 17th century and even as late as in the 19th century, the fortress went even bigger. In 17th century, the Danish king Christian the fourth decided that the defense system should be rebuilt. 1000 people every day carried rocks and earth to the fortress for 30 years! In the year of 1618, the fortress became one of the most modern fortresses of defense in Europe. 27 years later, the fortress of Varberg became a part of Sweden.

Many of the pictures are taken alongside the river in my town, and some of them are taken in this beatiful park near the river. In the summer, there are always concerts and different celebrations in the park. The environment both in the park and in the surroundings is amazingly beautiful.

The first two pictures is my album cover for my debut album. The one in colour is for the downloaded version and the black and white is the CD cover.