Hi! I’m Anna Meline and I’m a musician from Sweden. I write and produce pop music with influences of dance music, country pop and pop / rock. “I Couldn’t Stay” became the title track of my debut album carrying the same name.

I was born in a small town in Sweden 22 years ago as the little sister in a family of four. Creativity has always been a very important part of me. As a kid, I used to write words down, more like poems, and sing them as my own songs. I also remember making countless of performances in my room, dreaming away that I was singing on big stages to large audiences. However, when I turned 13 I got my first guitar and started to write somewhat more seriously. As the years went by, writing became important to me as a means of handling different situations. And it still is. Many people I’ve encountered in my past have gotten a song or two written about them.

As so many other teenage girls and boys, I was being bullied through some parts of school. I remember that constant fear, insecurity, loneliness and anxiety that characterised those days. Looking back today, I realise that despite all of that, it shaped me to the person I am today. It enhanced the importance to me of always going your own way and standing up for who you are.

When I was 16, I decided it was time to make my childhood dream a reality, and therefore I chose to study music in high school. Growing up during an era where technology were getting more available than ever, I got my first version of the music production software Cubase. A few years later, along with my father, I decided to record an album with some of my own songs. Yet, I needed someone to help me out a bit with the production, and that’s when my competent co-producer stepped in to the picture. Having been one of my teachers in high school, he agreed to help me out. Furthermore, a close friend of mine helped me with pictures and videos. We then put together what would become my debut album; "I Couldn't Stay”.

I’m so incredibly grateful for being able to put the album together, for all the help I’ve gotten along the way and for being able to do what I love the most, music. Every time someone tells me that he or she enjoys one of the songs, it’s the best feeling in the world. A regional paper in Sweden recently wrote "there is no mistaking how passionate Anna is about music", and I think that describes it very well. During this journey, I’ve been taking some courses at the university and also been having several part time jobs, and of course been spending every penny on my passion.

Away from music, I also like photography. I love to take a walk beside the ocean with my camera and take pictures of my favourite scenery, the horizon. I also love spontaneous road tripping both in Sweden and around Europe, discovering new places while listening and singing along to great music. My favourite places in Europe are around the Alps and the long beaches in the Mediterranean.

Right now, I’m working on spreading the music as much as I can, to get the album out there even more. I’ve also been working on some acoustic sessions with other musicians in my town, just because it’s so much fun playing, singing and writing together.

Thank you for reading this. It means a lot to me. Thanks again, may God bless you and finally, promise me to always reach for your goals in life.