Music videos


Since we were kids, me and my friend and photographer Emilia Johansson have been busy making our own little movies. When making different projects at school, we sometimes had the opportunity to be creative and make a short movie out of it. However, most of our little projects were made in our spare time. We used to make music videos, short movies and so on. Originally, we used well known songs, but as I learnt more about producing music, I began to compose the music.



There For You


When I See You Holding Her Hand


What For 


I Couldn't Stay

In this video we wanted to create something a bit more emotional than in previous videos. We wanted to display emotions more clearly, perhaps even change focus somewhat from action to emotion. It's about this couple having a conversation about their relationship, which goes out of hand. Either of them cant understand the other's point of view which only increases the frustration. We've also been using some symbolism between the weather and the emotions, where the flashes emphasizes anger and the waves empathizes the water in tears. I really hope you will like it!


We Just Didn't Make It This Time

We wanted to create a story; a story in just three minutes. If I was to say the most important thing when writing the manuscript and overall when making the video; it was to create something that would be interesting to watch through all three minutes. Also, in the absence of a studio where we could shift seasons from day to day, we patiently waited until seasons changed in the nature. A year later, our work was done and right here is the result.



This is the video for my second single "Standing". We wanted to create something creative and fun. Also, we wanted it to be a little different from the "We Just Didn't Make It This Time" video in order to create some variation among the videos. For example, we excluded all types of "singing to the camera scenes" this time, and chose to focus entirely on the travel scenes. It was a lot of fun both filming and editing this video, and I really hope that you will like it!