Quotes and reviews from people around the globe!


"Anna is a very nice Young Lady from Sweden . She deserves a chance, and I like her songs. Please purchase her songs and help her continue to make good music." - Paul I Knight, USA.


"When angels hear your music they fear nowhere to tread" - Stephen Borthwick, Northern Ireland.


"Anna Meline a star in the making this young lady has a quality second to none, if you haven't already heard her sing then you are missing something unique. The record she has released is truly stunning all the songs are beautifully sung well written you are missing something beautiful if you don't have Annas record" - Roger Hiller, United Kingdom.


"I like song track 3 lyric feel your heart beat heart beat. I wrote a song lyric like that when i was a kid And love the organ music on track 6" - Jeff Dent, Salmon, Idaho, USA.


"These are some really good songs, lots of good music, and a very talented young lady singing her heart out, hope y'all like this album as much as I do" - Gary Maston, USA.


"I am enjoying the CD and the video was great" - Jerry Wason, USA.


"I really like all of your songs. You are a great artist and I enjoy seeing your posts on Facebook." - Kevin Abrahamsen, USA.



What the media says about Anna Meline!


"Det går inte att ta miste på hur mycket Anna brinner för musiken" - A-K Persson, local newspaper, Sweden.

Translation: "There is no mistaking how passionate Anna is about music"


"The music of Anna Meline variates from Dance to Pop to an almost Indie Country style. It's hard to define but it is original." - Andrew Goodwin, New Music Ear.

"Originality, determination and being humble of her talent are sure to take Anna Meline far!" - 
Andrew Goodwin, New Music Ear.



"She is a very nice young lady, she's got a great talent and we are glad to play her music" - Michael Hoffman, Lunchtime Album Show, Vaughn Live TV.